Kieltys Irish sauces

Chef Padraic Kielty is the founder of Kieltys Irish sauces.

Padraic was inspired by his father Murt Kielty whose love affair with preserving and sauce making came from living in the country and using wild and seasonal produce. Conjuring up hand crafted artisan style sauces, pickles and preserves, in a small village on the west coast of Ireland.

Kieltys Irish sauces are now being produced and made in Sydney, a small batch production we believe in sustainability and are very passionate about our products. Our ingredients are sourced locally where possible, quality is the overriding factor and is everything we stand for.

Our famous ‘Brown sauce’ is rich and fruity, packed with perky spices, plums and granny smith apples, infused with old fashioned malt vinegar. It’s a must for your pantry.

Our ‘PK Sauce’ is a modern take on HP Sauce (but much better) It’s a unique fruity tomato, tangy and lightly spiced sauce. It’s a winner!